Artist: Adriana Furim

Artwork Title: 'Know by Heart'

Artwork Location: Seville Place, Northwall, Dublin 1

Artwork Description: This heart contains the map of Dublin and reminds us that getting lost is the best way to find ourselves, until we know all by heart.

Biography:I am a Brazillian/Italian professional tattoo artist since 1995, I moved to Ireland in 2015, to open my studio Lady Ink. Before that I lived in Uk where I studied traditional techniques and practices of painting following buddhist precepts, known as Thangka Painting at Losang Dragpa Buddhist College, and I am currently training Scientifical (Botanical,  Anatomical and Zoologic) lllustration at UNESP, Sao Paulo and Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal. In 2018 the book “El camino” with a collection of texts and illustrations made by me will be published in Brazil, Ireland and Portugal. It will be my first one and Dublin as a very special place in the making of this book.

Contact Artist: IG: adrifurim/

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